Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wattpad Wednesday: The Girl Behind the Badass

The Girl Behind the Badass by teenology
Pages: 117 Wattpad Pages
 The Girl Behind the Badass.

Meet Tori...she is known as the badass at school, who's always getting in trouble and doesn't give a damn. But that's all just a cover up... (Read the rest of the summary at the link below!)

I read this a couple weeks ago while being utterly bored and stuck vitamin shopping at GNC with my parents. WARNING: There is language and teen partying, but I mean, Tori's a badass, language is kind of a given and needed. There aren't a lot of sex scenes as one might expect from a teen fiction book. I mean, there were some, but teenology kept away from R-rated scenes.
Personally, I love the book, cursing aside. Tori is this amazingly strong girl who is just stuck in a bad position. The relationship she has with her mother is unbreakable and my heart broke for them both. Still, they managed to stay strong and stay together.
Aidan is my Wattpad Superhero Boyfriend of the week. Gods I love him. He's patient, loving, caring, beautiful, supportive, determined, EVERYTHING. And the looks are just a bonus. He is such an amazing guy for Tori, I love the two of them.
The story was AMAZING. Yes, I have used that word to describe everything so far. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. Just when you thought everything was going to be great? Something happens and you're thrown off balance and into this whirlpool of feels. 
I definitely recommend you read this story. If you're against language, then you might want to weigh it: Language vs. The Adorableness, Cuteness, Beautifully Written Plot, Beautiful Characters and see which one wins. 

4 out of 5 stars

If you're interested (CLICK IT), the link for the story: 

The Girl Behind the Badass

Foreverly Obsessed,

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