Monday, June 3, 2013

Music Monday: Release You by Megan and Liz

Hello world! My first __ (day of week)!! So today's Monday...

On the bright side, there are "only" 18 more days of school left...Yeah yeah, all you people who get out early....rub it in... 
On the dark side...that's so depressing...on the dark side...FINALS ARE COMING!!! image
It can't be that bad right?
Look how this kitty tries to climb onto the window. He almost does it, but he doesn't! Wow...that's really depressing...sorry guys...

So that I'm done with my's the first Music Monday video:

Release You by Megan and Liz
(Just came out a day ago!!!)

My thoughts: 
I loved the song when it came out. It was so jumpy and my heart immediately began pounding along with beat. I think it's amazing that they had their fans create the music video by submitting in pictures/gifs. I absolutely love the lyrics, they are just so amazing. From my perspective, it's about getting over someone who basically took you for granted and having this feeling of satisfaction as you release them and continue on with your life. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars★★★★★

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