Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Penny For Your Thoughts: AP English

I just took my last AP English test and for some reason, I had this strange desire to make a blog post about what AP English has taught me. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately as my high school career is coming to a close and I thought about writing some "letters" to things that helped shaped me in these last couple of years. As strange as this sounds, with the AP Lit and Comp test passing, I decided to kick things off with this topic. 

Dear AP Language and Composition,
I was terrified when I first signed up to take your class despite my plan to take the class since 9th grade. I heard so many scary things about the test on Moby Dick on the first day of school that everyone fails and the crushing mountain of essays that I would have to write. Surprisingly, the class wasn't that bad and actually taught me a lot about language and writing styles that I never even considered noticing. To be honest, I still can't decipher the format of a periodical and subnotes but I learned a lot about syntax, diction, and all those other fancy writing terms. The thing that I want to thank you the most is opening my eyes even more to the beauty of language. I learned to appreciate analyzing the deeper meaning behind words and finding out how the author uses language to convey his/her message.

Dear AP Literature and Composition,
Words cannot express how much you have impacted me. While I don't miss the many in class essays and reading quizzes, you have taught me more than any English class has ever taught me. I'm crediting this all to my amazing teacher who has a passion for literature that rivals the sun. I've been able to see classical literature as more than just old words printed on books with yellowing pages. I've been able to appreciate the beauty of the author's words and how he/she crafts words to reveal a deeper meaning. I've read so many amazing books from Beloved, As I Lay Dying, Metamorphosis, Les Miserables, to Crime and Punishment which has to be my favorite book that I've read in all of high school. I can't promise that I'll dive in all the classics on my TBR but I'm definitely going to try. 

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