Sunday, June 14, 2015

Planning Ahead (12)

Hello everyone! Last week was my slow return to a steady blogging schedule and it turned out quite good! School is almost over, we have a bunch of review days and finals officially start on Thursday. It's kind of insane that in two weeks I'll finally be done with junior year and the stress of college applications will actually be relevant to me...*shudders* Let's not talk about that yet...

I'm already a little over half way done with this book and so far it's interesting. I have a couple comments and whatnot but I'm intrigued to see how the story plays out. 

This book received so much buzz around it on the BookTube community when it first came out and I've been meaning to pick it up. I've read about 30 pages of it and it's super interesting so far.

I'm trying out AudioBooks! I recently borrowed this from my library and I haven't listened to a ton of it yet. It's actually pretty hard to find time to listen to this since I don't really commute much. I'm trying to listen when doing homework and hopefully cut down the time I'm on YouTube. Hopefully....I read part of this book when it first came out but due to school I put it down and never picked it back up until now...

I read this back in April and in honor of the standalone sequel The Song of David releasing yesterday I thought it was about time I got my review up for this book. 



I'm going to try to review both of these books but if not it will be one of these for sure. 

That's all I have for this week! Let me know what your plans are!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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