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The Grimm Chronicles - Series Review

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200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world. With the stroke of a magic pen and a deal with a malevolent force of evil, they forever changed humanity’s fate.
Now the characters of the Grimms’ fairy tales walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can stop them.
This is the story of Alice Goodenough, the last in a long line of heroes who have bravely given their lives to snuff out the evil force that does not belong in this planet. Her story begins during summer vacation, when she happens upon a magic pen and an invisible rabbit  named Br’er who is tasked with teaching her the ways of the hero. With the help of the magic pen, Alice must vanquish the terrible creations of the Brothers Grimm, relying on her dreams to guide her to her next target. Cinderella. Fundevogel. A fisherman. An evil wizard. A trio of dwarves hellbent on controlling the world. But to become a great hero, Alice must give up her old life so that she may protect those she loves most. Otherwise, evil will find her.
And evil will kill her.

Hello everyone! I'm finally back with a review and this time it's a big series review. I was approved by XpressoTours to review the Grimm Chronicles which is an 11 book long series. I'm trying to do an overall review so I'm going to go into specifics, alright let's get started!

Alice Goodenough decides to volunteer at a library over the summer, but she never expected to meet a talking rabbit and a magic pen in the basement. If that wasn't crazy enough, she's now been told that she's the next hero and must take on the job of killing the Grimm characters that have turned from their story. Br'er, the talking rabbit, explains that a long time ago the Brothers Grimm found magical paper which brought to life anything they wrote. The characters started off true to their good nature, but slowly became more and more corrupted and it's up to Alice to kill them before they destroy the world. Being the hero isn't all glory and fun because as Alice soon discovers, even the people closest to her can be dangerous.

The entire storyline of the series is really interesting and is actually done really well. Each story is around 150-200 pages which makes them super quick reads. The first book was a bit rushed as I felt the author was trying to introduce the world and start the hero process with Alice having to kill Prince Charming. The books are divided by Alice's "conquests" so to speak. Each book will always end with some sort of victory on Alice's part and her conquering the nightmares that lead her to the next Grimm character. At first I thought it was too choppy and all eleven books could've been done in a smaller number, but over time the short books become fast reads that I used to break up bigger books. Even though there are a lot of them, each story has a conclusive ending that leads into the next one and keeps the series going so there isn't much break or dragging on.

Alice as a character definitely goes through some series character transition. She starts off a bit skeptical about her role as a hero but easily slips into character. To become a successful hero she has to learn different facts about each specific Grimm character so in addition to learning how to fight better she also gains knowledge in the process. I thought this was really interesting because the hero wasn't someone brainless with no information because Alice could not construct the weapons to defend herself if she didn't know how to they worked and how to defeat the characters first. 

As far as other characters go, they were all really well crafted and develop as the story goes on. Can I please have my own Br'er? I want a talking rabbit!! The evil characters such as the Grayle brothers were very interesting in their world domination mentality and I couldn't decide throughout the book if they were passable, meaning I didn't mind them as characters, or I wanted to them to die a horrible and painful death...Another thing I liked about the Grimm characters was that some of them weren't bad, they just attracted bad things. A couple of them even welcomed death and thanked Alice as she killed them which I thought was extremely interesting and offered more dimension.

Overall the books are a quick fun read and definitely something worth picking up if you want some fun fairy tale-esque stories with a lot of laughs and action.
3.5/5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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