Friday, June 26, 2015

HAUL: Pop-arazzi Nail Polish

Hello everyone! So a quick little update, I'm working on several reviews right now so I apologize for how slow the blog has been lately. The good news is that summer is officially here which means I'm reading more and hopefully reviewing more as well. There's also something special coming soon to The Little Black Bookmark Podcast so be sure to follow that blog for the announcement! 

Anyway, I recently picked up some new polishes from CVS and I thought I'd do something different and show you guys what I picked up. CVS used to carry Spoiled which was a line produced by Wet n Wild, but they recently changed it and began to carry Pop-arazzi which is a new brand. This was both sad and exciting since I loved the Spoiled polishes, but I pretty much own most of the colors I liked. I ended up picking up 8 different colors from two different trips. 

The color payoff for each of these polishes were pretty good. In the swatches below, each color became opaque within two swatches. The only one that needed a third coat was Going for Gold since the formula was more watery than the other ones. In terms of how true the colors are to what they appear in the bottle, I'd say that it matches pretty well. 

Left to Right: Short but Sweet, Shell Me More, The Hue is Blue, In Your Dreams

Left to Right: Icing on the Cake, Mauvie Night, Going for Gold, Glam Factor

The polishes come in the standard glass bottle with a plastic cap that is decorated with little polka dots. The Pop-arazzi logo is stamped on the front and underneath there is the name of each polish. Each bottle is said to contain 0.15 Fl oz.

Left to Right: Short but Sweet, Shell Me More, The Hue is Blue, In Your Dreams

Left to Right: Icing on the Cake, Mauvie Night, Going for Gold, Glam Factor

This is the worst part of the polish. The smell is absolutely horrible. I can't open the bottle without getting a whiff of it and it makes painting really painful. I can't describe the smell exactly, but I think of burning plastic. I painted Claudia's nails with Short but Sweet and she said the small E.L.F. polishes smell similar.

For the most part the polishes aren't super streaky or thick. The only one where I have some problem is Short but Sweet as the formula looks a lot thicker. The other ones glide on like a charm and don't makes your nails look as if there is a lot of polish on them. The brush itself is a standard rectangle and isn't super wide or thin. The cap also is easy to grip and doesn't slip out of my grasp.

Lasting Power:
This is the hardest category for me to rate since I don't wear my polishes for a super long period of time. I've wore In Your Dreams and Shell Me More on separate occasions and each lasted me a good two to three days without chipping. I'm going to go ahead and say it's got decent lasting power as long as you make sure to apply base and top coat.


(Natural Lighting)

(With Flash)

Color: 2/2
Packaging: 2/2
Smell: 0/2
Application: 1.5/2
Lasting Power: 2/2

Total Points: 7.5/10


That's my review for the Pop-arazzi Polishes! Let me know if you guys have tried them out and what your thoughts are. Also, let me know if you likes these nail polish reviews as I'm a bit of a polish hoarder and own quite a few bottles of nail polish. I'm going to try to remove the nail polishes from the acryllics that I used and see if I can reuse them. If I can't, I'll figure out another way for swatches. 

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you later with another post!

Foreverly Obsessed,


  1. I think it's cool that you're also reviewing other things other than books - such as nail polish. I love nail polish too, and I haven't tried this one yet. Great review though! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

    1. Yay glad you like it! I want to change things up a bit and since I'm kinda obsessed with nail polish as well as books I thought I'd do some reviews once in a while. Thanks so much for commenting!!


  2. Great review!
    It's my fourth day with Short but Sweet and it's starting to chip a little. It also has that cracked look... you know what I mean?

    1. Yeah I gotcha XD Thanks for the update ♥