Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Wrap-Up

Hello loves! I can't believe it's already APRIL! This is completely crazy, I never thought time would pass so fast. That's from perspective speaking because I am literally dying at school waiting for April break. Anyway, let's get to listing all the books we've reviewed in March:

Wow, I actually think we did a pretty good job this month with a total of 13 reviews. If you've checked the list I have going on the side, you'll know that I have a ton more to go. So wish me luck on that! I definitely have to stop reading so fast and write reviews right after I finish a book because I am way over my head right now. 

Anyway, March was also a really exciting month because we hosted our first blitzes and GIVEAWAYS! I cannot tell you just how excited that makes me. My baby's growing up. Okay, stop being so sentimental Riv. 

I hope March was kind for you and I hope that you all have an AMAZING APRIL!! It's going to be a super busy month and a pretty special one too. Can you guess why?

Thanks so much for sticking around, love you all, and I see you guys in my next post! (Pst! New Giveaway!! Hehe.)

Foreverly Obsessed,

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