Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Back Home!!

Harro guys!
I'm back home (FINALLY) after 7 long weeks in the burning land of Taiwan. First of all, I"M SORRY I'M SORRY please don't kill me  I know I've been super incognito/flat out gone for the whole summer. And I know some of you are still waiting on reviews. I've been reading a ton on my Kindle while in Taiwan and all the reviews are piling up. I also visited the library today with my sister and got some new books. So all in all, I gotz a ton of stuff to review. So I'm probably going to pick one or two of my favorite books from the list I owe y'all and finish them instead of writing out all cause I just have way to much work. (Plus the fact that I procrastinated on pretty much all of my summer HW...oops). But yeah, here are the books that I picked up!

I'm super excited to be reading paper books again! I love the Kindle and all e-readers but I still think physical books are waaaay better. 

Forever Obsessed,

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