Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome Junior Year

Hello lovelies! So it's official, with the first of school literally around the corner, I have to begin to mentally prepare myself for what the upcoming school year is going to bring. As of September 4, I will be entering my Junior Year of high school, also known as the Year of No Sleep because it's just an endless year of stress.

I actually debated a while on taking a break from the blog for a year but after really thinking that through, it just didn't make sense. Plus, I don't think I can bear to not blog for a year, it would feel so weird. So in preparation for that, I'm going to list out a couple of goals and schedules that I have in mind.

First off, I want to post at least one review a week. Even if it kills me, I want to do that. They take a big more work than weekly memes which you guys might actually see more of in the next couple of months. I still want to make an effort to sit down and write one review a week to keep you guys updated on books that I'm reading. If I'm lucky, I can give myself a chunk of time over the weekends and write reviews to my heart's content and then schedule them out. That shouldn't be too hard and definitely doable. September shouldn't be that bad because I have a bunch of reviews for scheduled already. 

Like I mentioned above, weekly bookish memes are going to become a huge part of the blog. Things like Music Mondays (yep, I'm bringing them back), Top Tuesdays, TBR lists, Teaser Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays, Life of a Blogger, etc. All that fun stuff that is a lot easier to put together and takes a lot less time than reviews. That doesn't mean I put any less effort but in terms of how quickly I can compile a review versus one of the memes, the memes win. Also, it's a fun way to kind of get to know me a bit better! 

And of course Book Tours. I am so in love with them as you can see from the past couple of months, I signed up for quite a few and they've definitely kept me busy. In another attempt to refrain myself from going to crazy, I've restricted myself to only signing up for 5 tours per month. It's killing me and there are so many unread tour invitations sitting in my email, but I can't click them because I will probably go insane and sign up for all of them. But...I found a tiny loophole → Book Blitz. They are short, simple, and you still get to explore new books! 

So that's pretty much it! My plans in regards to blogging schedule and how the blog is going to be run in the upcoming school year. Good luck to all those returning to school and here's to a spectacular year!! Love you all~ 

Foreverly Obsessed,

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