Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Found You

Pages: 360

Tomorrow is for regrets. Tonight is for being together. 
On a cold winter night, Rachel and Jason’s lives collide on Manhattan Bridge. She’s running from life, he’s running toward it. But compassion urges him to help her. 
His offer of a place to stay leads to friendship and trouble. There’s his fiancée back home in Oregon and a family who just don’t trust this girl from the wrong side of the tracks. 
But when the connection between them is so electric, so right… everyone else must be wrong. And as the snow begins to settle on the Hudson, there’s nothing but the possibility of what could be – of this, right here, right now. Them.

Hello everybody! First of all thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Second, GUESS WHAT? This is officially our ONE HUNDREDTH BOOK REVIEW! Wow, I can't believe we've actually reached the big 100 so I want to say a big big thank you to all you lovely people for staying around and supporting us! Okay, let's get into the review before I get all sentimental on you~

I Found You is a super sweet and beautiful Contemporary Read that just completely blew me away with the depth of its message. That sentence from the summary: She's running from life, he's running toward it. That sentence contains all the feels in the world for this book. Rachel's life is completely falling apart and she would have ended her pain and suffering if it hadn't been for Jason. He reaches out to her and draws her back, away from the edge of falling and into his heart. (Dang that sounds cheesy...oh well). I know this is far from a typical suicide rescue story, but the writing of that opening scene just completely blows me away. You see the worry and scare from Jason's eyes as he tries to convince a girl from jumping and it's just so beautiful. 

It's actually really hard to write this review without overly fangirling...struggles. Anyway, let's just say that I officially added a new character to my best fictional boyfriend list. Give it up for Jason!! Seriously, guys need to learn from him!! You're not being a "girl" if you have compassion and you care about someone. He was literally the perfect guy, full of compassion, happy thoughts, and support. Every time Rachel teeters at the edge of falling into a dark hole, he's always there to pull her back up. (Supressing fangirl feels...) I just loved their interactions with each other and probably cried every time Jason holds Rachel up when she feeling like collapsing. Sorry, that was the best I could do.

Let's talk about Jason's fiancée. Unleash immense hatred right now. That girl is seriously annoying, b*chy, and horrible. What he ever saw in her I will never know, but I'm super glad they're over. Lindy, that's witch girlfriend's name, is like that annoying princess girl that everyone in town loves and ignores her hidden yuckiness. Oh...like the Plastics from Mean Girls! :) Out of jealousy and spite, she turns the entire town against Rachel calling her a lot of really bad names. Seriously, give the girl a chance to prove herself! >.< The hatred I feel towards her...

Hm...so what have I missed? Talked about the writing, the romance, the stupid fiancée, what else should I mention? I think that's about it. I definitely definitely 111110% recommend this. Especially if you're in the mood for a beautiful touching contemporary read, this will definitely satisfy you. So yes, go read this NOW! 

And just for the heck of it:

there is no gif for these things that i am feeling

4 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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