Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Wrap-Up

Hello everybody! Happy MAY!! I can't believe that in 2 months, it's finally going to be summer vacation and school will be out!! Looking back, I have to say that April was a pretty successful month. I took a one week break at the beginning, but I definitely got all my reviews out. May's going to be super exciting as you can tell from the side bar, we are hosting several tours (a lot) this month and our first one EVER is going to be in 3 days! So stay tuned this month as we bring you reviews and fun giveaways :)

If you missed our reviews this month, here's a wrap up!

Also, if you guys haven't realized from our recent posts, we've changed the way we signed out. Usually it's just a phrase and then our names, but a week ago we made little Chibi profiles for ourselves!! Here's what they look like :)

Yay!! So that's our monthly wrap-up! I'm super excited for the month of May! We've got some pretty awesome tours coming your way and it's going to be a huge step for us as a blog!! Again, thanks so much for sticking around this month and we'll see you all in Maaaaay!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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