Monday, May 27, 2013

Retreat Boom

Hey guys, every single year I go to this retreat at Marywood University in Pennsylvania. So the pastor the church invited to speak turned out to be the pastor of my youth group. I was pretty excited cause a couple years ago I heard this really amazing speaker at the retreat that really convicted me. Sadly, the sermons were similar to the ones I heard a couple months ago that he (the pastor) preached to our youth group. They were good, I just had my hopes up for something new that would be mind-blowing. Still, props to the pastor Emoji
Other than sermons, small group meetings, etc. We had workshops. One of the workshops that I attended was called Knowing God's Will. I'm not going to go into all the detail, but it was one of the things that actually stuck to me this retreat so I thought I could share it with y'all. Emoji

So one of the big things that people had questions about was:

Who Should I Marry???

So as an answer, the pastor leading the workshop told the story of how he met his wife. And he said somethings that I thought were very interesting. So number one, keep your sights on God, but don't constantly pray about it. God has prepared a person for you, but he gives you the choice of the person. If you say yes or no basically. He compared meeting his wife to running since they both love running. He was running with his eyes set on God and along came his wife. He asked her where she was going and found out that she was also running towards God so he suggested that they run to him TOGETHER. Now that's not exactly what happened, but that's the analogy that he used which I thought was really cute.

So yeah, that's my post about the retreat. AHHHH I have so much HW left and it's already MONDAY!! How did time pass so fast?!?!?!?! Emoji UGH, okay back to French essay...

I'm almost done with The Golden Leopard and Starcrossed so reviews are coming!! That is...if I don't die from the HW load...Emoji

Foreverly Obsessed,

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