Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gamer Girl

ZOMG, it Rox to be a gamer girl.
Maddy's life: not so rockin'. Her parents split, she's stuck in a new, small town at a school full of Aberzombies and Haters, she has a crush on someone she really shouldn't like, and she's stuck with the nickname Freak Girl. Sometimes, it's enough to retreat into her drawing - her manga is totally important to her - but when she gets Fields of Fantasy for her birthday, she knows she's found the one place she can be herself. In the game world, Maddy can transform from a regular outcast high to student to Allora, a beautiful Elfin princess with magical powers to take down enemies with a snap of her fingers and a wave of her wand. As Allora, Maddy's virtual life is perfect, and she even finds a little romance. But a real gamer girl understands that real life comes first - Maddy can't escape her IRL problems. She has to find some ways to kick back at the Haters, rock her manga, and find the new, real-life friends she knows she deserves.

I read this book such a long time ago and quickly became addicted to it. It's so weird how a book can influence a person's life so much. After reading this book, it reignited my gaming addiction and I went back to the website I swore I wouldn't go back to.  Now is that a bad thing or a good thing I don't know, but I managed to not get 100% addicted...maybe only 60%....hehe Another thing, I never read manga in my life before and after reading this book, I wanted to see what was so interesting about this genre of book so I borrowed a couple from the library and also found a series online called Aoki (or something to that effect). For a first time manga reader, I couldn't follow the sequence in which one was supposed to read the story so I just read everything from top to bottom and pieced together the story in my head. Dunno how I did it, but I finished 2 entire manga series, and trust me, they're LOOONG! 
After a while, my obsession with manga and virtual worlds dimmed a bit and I went back to my normal reading plans. But, this book made a mark in my brain. 
Maddy's this perfect teen in my eyes, she's talented, artistic, and fun, but she only shows her "fun" side to a couple. I love her sarcastic judgment of "Haters" or the popular kids at school. "Aberzombies" and "Horristers" are perfect tag descriptions, I just love those names!! 
Fields of Fantasy sounds pretty cool and I almost wish I could actually get the game. Who knows, maybe I'll find a little romance and friendship on there too!  I just love how in this virtual world, Maddy can become someone totally new, the beautiful Allora. 
Anyway, hope my rant made somewhat of a sense. I'm going to keep this review in the "old" format since I first started the draft of this year ago...bring back some of those old memories .

4 out of 5 stars

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