Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chesapeake Tide

General Information:
Title: Chesapeake Tide
Author: Jeanette Baker
Pages: 411
What It Looks Like: 

Book Summary: A lot can happen in fifteen years, but falling out of love isn't one of them. Pride has always kept a tight rein on Libba Delacourt. The pride that drove her away from Russ Hennessey and into the arms of a traveling actor is the same pride that kept her far away from her home and family in Maryland. It's not until she receives word her mother is ill that Libba finally swallows that pride, quits her job as a genetic biologist, packs up her fifteen-year-old daughter, Chloe, and heads back east. The moment she takes her first breath of the humid salty air of the Chesapeake Bay, Libba knows she is home for good. As it turns out, Libba is not the only person to return home that long, hot summer. Russ Hennessey has made his way back as well with plans to resurrect his family's fishing business -- plans that collapse when an unseen menace sabotages his ambitions. Together, Libba and Russ discover some awful truths about life in their small town -- truths that hit closer to home than they ever imagined.


It's a pretty good book. At the beginning some of the names were a bit too similar and I got confused, but maybe that's just me. The plot slowly builds up over the coarse of the book which is good as always... (heh...trying to write a more formal book review...as you cans ee it's not going so well...).
Anyway... I love Chloe, she's adorable and very headstrong. On top of that she's willing to stick up to people and not conform to the small town's society and just fit in. (You go girl! )
I love her strength and support to Bailey when his mother died (I won't tell you how) and the actions she took to defy the popular girl in town to show that not everyone submitted to her will was awesome. Let's just take a moment to applaud her for being an amazing friend. I wish the author included a bit more about what happened to her after she went back to Cali.I know she didn't think she was a small town girl and honestly I agree with her, but I can't imagine her living with her father. Well...I guess that's cause this story is written in the point of view of her mother and you can't really have a positive viewpoint towards your ex-husband can you? But anyways, I just wish I could know what happened to her. And if she ever saw Bailey again...
Now Libba Delacourt is pretty interesting. Her job sounds cool, but I think I would tired with all the report writing. I feel like the romance in this book is a bit lacking. The action was good, but at the end it left me with wanting to know more Libba's past with Russ, Libba's future with Russ and with or without Chloe, and all that mushy stuff.
From a teenager's POV, I think she's a bit too clingy and protective of her daughter, but I guess we can cut her some slack. She's just gone through a divorce, her mother just had a stroke, and she discovers that her mother's past makes the local cafe lady her half sister. That's a lot to handle in just a couple of months. But still, my advice to you Libba: Relax and live a little!
And I can tell you (person reading this review) that she is certainly living it when she said yes to Russ. Whoo!
Heh...I really can't write a formal book review...so...erm...hope you liked it~


3 out of 5 Stars

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