Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Signing off Change+Update

Hey guys~
I have no idea how to start this post, but I've changed my blogger name from EvlOne to SoulsticeX3 to match my Shelfari and Goodreads profile name so that it all matches together. Also, I'm gonna start signing off as Riv like I think I did waaaaaay back when. I'll still be EvlOne down in my heart. As once Evl, Always Evl~ 
Just wanted to let you guys know~

Also a list of updates:

  • Finished Starcrossed by Josephine Angellini so I'll try to post a review as soon as I free myself from the workload of HS...
  • Currently Reading The Language of Sisters by Amy Hatvany 
  • Finished The Golden Leopard by Lynn Kerstan, a review is coming ASAP 
That's it for news, oh wait!

I've been seeing a lot of blogs doing like Top Ten Tuesday or something like that 
(Idea from: Check her OUT!! I love her blog!!)

So I was thinking about trying that out... So this is what I have in mind:
  • Music Monday (a song to start the week)
  • Top Tuesday (one item only)
  • Wattpad Wednesday (a story that I love/read on Wattpad)
  • Quoting Thursday (updated June 13)
  • Freaky Friday (Pictures/Gifs/Quotes/Any sorta random thing)
So what do you guys think? Drop a comment down below to share your thoughts and if you have an idea about Thursday let me know!!! Also, I obviously won't update every single day...just been on a blogging rush these couple of days  Please forgive me for spamming. 

Foreverly Obsessed,

And a random gif of Dean Winchester from Supernatural~

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