Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blood Stains

Mother: Murdered
Father: Unknow
Case: Cold
At the reading of her father's will, Maria Slade receives shocking news - as a four year old, she'd witnessed her prostitute mother's murder and been taking into hiding by the well-meaning preacher who'd raised her as his own.
Maria remembers none of that. But now she's determined to flush her mother's killer out of hiding and discover the identity of her birth father. She heads to Tulsa Oklahoma, where she meets Detective Bodie Scott.
Empathizing with this beautiful woman looking to find out who she really is, he opens he decades-old case file. Their investigation leads them down a dangerous path, where no one is what they seem. Where a father does not want to be found. and a murderer has "like mother, like daughter" in mind for Maria.
Not a bad book. Pretty interesting. Maria's that type that hides her emotions and pulls a face of iron, but extremely passionate. Bodie's cute, he's really caring and reaches out naturally to Maria and even though he just met her, he wants to make her happy, safe, and at ease. Cute.
Memorable Quote: "Be careful," Maria said.Nora looked back over her shoulder as she seated herself in the wheelchair. "Don't worry about me. I have PMS and a gun."Dave groaned, "Dang it, Nora...TIM. Too much information."
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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