Saturday, April 14, 2012

Danger in the Shadows

The bureau owns her.
Under FBI protection, Sara isn't even Sara Walsh anymore; her name is what they tell her. Her home is where they send her. And she's never there for long.
A stranger owns her.
Though faceless, he haunts Sara's dreams. He's the man who abducted her as a child and continues to stalk her. He's the one who's determined to end their connection - and Sara's life.
But mostly, fear owns her.
Which makes falling in love with a man as high-profile as Adam Black is a bad idea. And a dangerous one. For both of them. The world is an unsafe place for love - and certainly an unsafe place for the children Adam longs for. No one knows that better than Sara and she can't take the risk...
But if she doesn't, her life will never be her own. Where will she find the courage to name her terror and face her fear?
This is a really really really good story. I love how Dee Henderson weaves God's Word into the plot. One of the most remarkable parts of the story is when Adam and Sara are talking and she tells him, "Adam, God never gives more than I can handle." It's really hard to accept that in the world today, when our problems come we're often like why did God do this, but he does it because he knows that we can handle it.  Sara's life is horrifying, it's hard to imagine having the FBI protecting you your entire life after you've been kidnapped by some crazy lunatic. Especially if you loose your twin in the process. Twins are always close.  (Well...most of the time.) It's a really great book that tell you how God plays a role in your life.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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