Tuesday, April 5, 2016

6 Bookish Social Media Accounts You Should Follow

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to share with you guys some of my favorite bookish social media accounts that I think you should check out! I'm terrible at being "social" online which defeats the purpose of social media, but I'm working on that. So with that being said, let's just jump into my list!

bookstagram: bookstagram:
I recently found this gorgeous account when I decided to start following Bookstagram accounts. Her photos are honestly so incredibly beautiful. 

Another gorgeous account. I love her photos and she always has the prettiest accessories and layout.

Her account makes me secretly wish I could get my hands on some Funko Pops. Also, how does someone make their sheets look so effortlessly messy? 

BOOKGENIAfaeriedrugsRead All The Books
Eugenia @ Bookgenia - I am and will always be jealous of Australian accents but regardless, I love Eugenia's channel and her videos are always so much fun.
Tasha @ FaerieDrugs - Tasha's just so adorable and her videos are always really interesting.
Amanda @ReadAllTheBooks - Amanda has one of those voices that just sounds so soothing to listen to which calls for me bingewatching her videos all the time. She also loves Lord of the Rings which is an extra bonus. 

So that's my list! Let me know some bookish accounts I should check out in the comments!! Also, (little self promo) feel free to check out my accounts by clicking the buttons below. :)

Foreverly Obsessed,


  1. YAY more booktuber recommendations! *flails* Booktube is my addiction, I could seriously binge watch them for hours!

    1. I agree! I waste way too many hours just binge watching BookTube! Thank you so much for commenting :)