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Review: A Thousand Perfect Things

ISBN: 1624670962
Pages: 292
Source: Edelweiss
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Genre: Alternate Historical Fantasy
Initial Reaction:

In this epic new work, the award-winning Kenyon creates an alternate 19th century with two warring continents on an alternate earth: the scientific Anglica (England) and magical Bharata (India). Emboldened by her grandfather's final whispered secret of a magical lotus, Tori Harding, a young Victorian woman and aspiring botanist, must journey to Bharata, with its magics, intrigues and ghosts, to claim her fate. There she will face a choice between two suitors and two irreconcilable realms.  
In a magic-infused world of silver tigers, demon birds and enduring gods, as a great native mutiny sweeps up the continent, Tori will find the thing she most desires, less perfect than she had hoped and stranger than she could have dreamed.

Hello everyone! Today I have my review for A Thousand Perfect Things by Kay Kenyon. I also did a video review so if you want to see that you can click HERE.

This book was both frustrating and amazing. I talked about how I struggled so much with coming up for a rating for this book in my January Wrap-Up and I avoided writing this review for that reason. When I was reading this book, it felt like the story just dragged on for ages. The plotline is definitely something that takes time to build and before you know it you're completely hooked. The best way for me to describe this is a book with relatively slow writing but a handful of jaw dropping moments that I was not expecting.

As far as characters go, they took some time to get used to. I was just unprepared for she sheer amount of spies and interconnecting plots of politics that occurred so that became a bit confusing. After almost a month of brooding on this book, I still can't say if I love Tori. You learn to admire her drive and curiosity for Bharta but other than that I didn't really connect with her on a deeper level. Jai on the other hand, is hands down my favorite character in the entire book and has definitely made it to my list of book boyfriends for 2016. He's well learned, compassionate, and overall an amazing person.

Unfortunately, this book does contain some sort of a love triangle but it doesn't overpower the storyline which I definitely appreciated. Edmund is a well known captain and originally started off as a suitor for Tori's younger sister, but he became drawn to Tori's passion. I do like the separately as characters, but I'm definitely on Jai's side when it comes to this triangle.

Moving away from characters, I absolutely adored the world. Kay Kenyon has this way of writing that just grabs your attention. I loved the two countries of Anglica and Bharta because they are just so different and it allows you to see how magical Bharta is. Anglica has more of a rigid society while Bharta just overflows with magic and colors. Needless to say, while Bharta definitely seems like the more dangerous of the two, I would choose to visit there over Anglica in a heartbeat.

The writing is probably the only dragging factor in the story, but once you get into the story it just keeps you interested for the whole ride. I distinctly remember the 65% marking on my Kindle as being one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever and I have no doubt it's going to stay with me. This book just has that magical impact that makes it so incredible and mind-blowing.

*Thank you to Edelweiss for providing me with a copy for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.* 

4 out of 5 stars 


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