Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Planning Ahead (5)

Hello everyone! Sorry that this week's schedule is up a little later than usual. I really have no excuse, but if it makes it any better, I finally finished The Final Empire and it was fantastic. I'm currently 40 pages into the second book already and I'm so excited! Anyway, this week is currently spring break which means last full week break in this school year and one month till APs. Who's excited?

I'm super duper excited to finally be starting this book. I've heard nothing but fantastic things about Trudi Canavan and her works that somehow (somehow) I ended up with 6 of her books...I'm already a good 100 pages in and absolutely loving it!

I am participating on a book tour for this book and my stop is on Friday so be sure to stop by to check out my final thoughts! I haven't started the book yet which probably isn't the best idea but I'm starting it tonight!

Just finished this book yesterday and it was soooo good! I desperately need Miriam Forster to continue the series because I want more from this world. However, I'm also really excited for what she's currently working on now that I've read both of her books. Anyway, more of my thoughts in my review which hopefully will be up tomorrow :)

Just finished this book today and it was such a fun book to read. I read it on the subway while on my way to a dentist appointment in NY and I cracked up more than once. Not ashamed, even though I did get some pretty weird looks for sporting a huge grin.

Come back on Friday for Book Tour fun!! 

Oooh, new banner~

So I have a BIG announcement to make! Recently I got together with my best friend Claudia aka Cloudy Ethereal and we decided to try our hands at making a podcast. I've been listening to quite a couple different book podcasts lately while doing homework and I found that there weren't a lot of them focusing on YA. Some had special edition episodes where YA was the center focus but most centered around other genres. So....I asked Claudia if she was up for it and it took about a year of persuading before she finally agreed. 

And THE LITTLE BLACK BOOKMARK was born! Clever title huh? I'm a book blogger and Claudia's a fashion/lifestyle blogger. Indulge me, I am literally in love with the name. Our first episode was posted this Saturday over at the blog: The Little Black Bookmark. We were originally going to upload onto Tumblr because Blogger didn't accept MP3 files but our file turned out to be too big. We ended up uploading the audio onto YouTube as a MP4 and then transferring through Google onto a new blog while keeping the YouTube video unlisted for the time being.

So what do you guys think? If you guys like it please go and follow that blog. The current game plan for uploading is biweekly which I think is definitely doable. If you have any recommendations please leave them either in the comments below or over at the podcast blog:

That sums up all I have for this week! Super busy but it's spring break~ Let me know in the comment what you're doing this week and if you're reading anything great!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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