Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Tuesday: January 2014 Want-To-Read

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second post of my Monthly Want To Read series! If you haven't checked out last month's you can check it out here. Anyway, I have a total of 45 books on my January 2014 shelf on Goodreads so it's going to be quite a challenge to pick my top ten. Wish me luck and let's get into the list!!

Again, they are in no particular order! :)

I found this book through a review and I thought it sounded really interesting...yeah...also love the title.

Gothic genre? Love love love! When I heard of this book, I knew I had to make it part of my shelves! I can't wait to finally pick it up. And can we please talk about how beautiful the cover is!!

Confessions of an Angry Girl 
Anger is such an intense emotion that often isn't handled correctly. Wow, do I sound wise in that sentence. Anyway, I just thought this book sounded really interesting. :)

Cruel Beauty
I have heard a ton of amazing things about this book so of course, I added it to my list. 

I think I've ranted and raved about this book enough on the blog last month so I'll spare you all.

I have really bad short term memory loss and my life is already hectic as it is. To have every single day of your life erased at a specific time? Scary and wickedly awesome. Found this book through a UK vs. US book cover post.

Running Barefoot
I'm obsessed with Amy Harmon's newest book: A Different Blue so I am stocking my shelves with her other books! I can't wait to read all of them, but I couldn't add all the book in this list so I picked one and stuck it on. Kidding, this one stood out to be the most because it has a somewhat similar idea to Blue. Somewhat...XD

Beauty's Daughter
Like I've mentioned before, I love mythology. The story of Hermoine and Helen of Troy? I am in!

Skipping Stones
Pretty cover and interesting story line. I love the beginning sentence to the blurb: "They say there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance." The whole idea of the story sounded really intrigiuing: how to deal with grief and move towards acceptance.

Lost Without You
I couldn't find an Amazon link (sorry), but aside from that, this sounds super interesting and a bit similar with Beautiful Disaster in the sense that it's a college romance. I hope I didn't offend anyone with that sentence, but I like the whole idea of secrets and the past catching up with you.

And an extra one? I couldn't choose sorry >.<
Just Breathe
Cheated. Sorry, but I couldn't choose between this book and the one before. There are a ton of really great reviews on Goodreads that applaud the book for it's spunky lead female character which I always love in a book.

That is my list! I cheated an added an eleventh book because I couldn't choose between Lost Without You and Just Breathe. So hope you guys don't mind. :) So that is it! If you guys have read any of the books I listed please let me know your comments down below!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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