Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Makeup Haul

Hey! So my last makeup haul post was last year in November. Sorry to keep you waiting, don't worry, I'll make it up to you in this post!!

1. NYC Liquid Lipshine in 580 Rivington Rose -  this is similar to my other NYC Liquid Lipshine products and Riv has this one as well! It's like my Midtown Mulberry but a bit lighter and sparkle-yer (idk, is that how you spell it??? I'm not sure how much it was, I think I lost the receipt, sorry :( but it should be around the price of the other NYC products
  I got this picture off google, it's a bit lighter than it look in this picture.
it's a really nice color and it smells really nice as well! like vanilla cupcakes, yum!!

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 250 Raisin Rage ($7.99)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss, Raisin Rage 250I got this during my search for the perfect burgundy lipcolor. It's not as dark as it look in this picture, but it's still a nice color! It sorta look like a cranberry juice kind of color.

Those 2 I got from CVS a while ago on a shopping trip with Riv.

3. Mabelline SuperStay 24 2-step lip color in 2 different colors:
010 Reliable Raspberry and 015 All Day Cherry
I got these at Walmart for $7 or $8. I saw these in a makeup haul video I was watching on youtube. I've seen really good reviews for these, about how they stay on really well, even when you eat.
Maybelline® Super Stay 24™ 2-Step Lipcolor - 0.14 oz  This color is All Day Cherry, I couldn't find one for Reliable Raspberry, but it's like a dark pink.
basically, you apply the color, let it dry, then apply the lip balm that comes with it. I've had a hard time putting these on and making them stay. The trick is to let the coats dry before putting on the lip balm or another coat.

The rest of these I got from Walgreens on 2 different shopping trips
4. Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Makeup in 160 Fresh Beige ($9.79)
Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup SPF 20This is the first foundation and only foundation I have. My skin tone is pretty even, so I don't really need it, this is more for like emergency days when I look horrible.
It's really light and easy to blend, and it also has an SPF of 20. This matches my skin tone almost perfectly. Only problem I had with this one was at the end of the day, my T zone starts getting oily and shiny. So remember to apply powder once in a while. Speaking of powder.....

5. Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in 030 Medium ($9.49)
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed PowderThis helps set in foundation or concealer really well and prevents my face from looking really oily/shiny. It comes with that little thing you can use to apply it with, but I prefer using bushes....

6. Revlon Powder Brush ($10.49)
 Revlon Powder BrushThis is a nice fluffy brush that makes applying powder really easy and fun.

7. Wet n Wild ColorIcon eyeliner in 656A White ($0.99)
Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Color Icon Eyeliner Pencil Olive 663CLooks like this but white. It's like half a foot long.....I haven't really tried it yet, but I'm planning on using it to line my waterline and hopefully make my eyes look bigger.

8. essie Nail lacquer in 3 colors ($8.50 each)
475 a list, 736 beach bum blu, and 748 naughty nautical
essie Nail Coloressie Nail Colorthis is naughty nautical and a list, beach bum blu is a medium metallicy blue. Yeah, I went on an essie splurge.. I can't wait to use them!! They better be worth the price though.....

So that concludes my makeup haul! I hope you guys enjoyed it!!


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