Sunday, November 17, 2013

Small Makeup Haul and Fashion

As the title suggests, this is a small makeup haul. So, to make-up for it, I'm going to add a bit of fashion to it.
First, the makeup:

1. Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Lavender Pearlescent (420B)
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Wild Shine Nail Color
Like a true Asian, I'm into buy cheap stuff. This cost $0.99 at Walgreens. It's a nice color, a bit more pink than the picture. It's like a metallic-y pink. The bad part of it is it's a bit streaky. Other than that, I like it, plus each coat dries pretty fast. 

2. Rimmel French White Tip Pro in French White Nail Tip Liner (110)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Pro Nail Tip Liner French White
This cost $2.29 at Walgreens, but it was on sale, so it might be a bit more expensive. It has a really thin brush and it's easy to use. The only problem is sometimes globs of nail polish starts sliding down the brush, but all you have to do it wipe it on the side of the nail polish bottle, so it's not that bad. 

3. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Dark Wine (522A)
Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick

This color is really different from the others in my collection. I have an assortment of pink and reds, but this one is a bit more purple undertone. It looks like I've been eating cherries and it's stained my lips, that kind of color. I don't have any problems with it so far since I haven't worn it for a night out yet. 

So there's my small makeup haul for today... now here's some fashion:

It's sweater weather!!! Time to break out those large (or small) comfy sweaters. Here are a few ways to wear them:

1. Sweater with Jeans or leggings
This is a really simple, go-to outfit for the fall/winter. 

2. Over a dress or skirt
I love wearing this, mainly because I've started obsessing over dresses and skirts this summer. You can wear a sweater over a tight dress/skirt or a looser, more flared out one.

3. Wear it over a collared shirt
I wear my sweaters like this the most because I love the (sometimes) preppy look. The way I wear it is by letting the color, sleeves, and (sometimes) bottom stick out. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quick Sunday post. Now I have to get back to stressing about school. Post a comment if you have any other sweater ideas or want me to make a post about anything in particular.


*none of these pictures are mine, the makeup pictures are from the Walgreens website and the fashion pictures are from google images*

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