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Scent of Danger

Scent of Danger by Andrea Kane
ISBN: 0-7434-4613-5
Pages: 481

When Dylan Newport, a high-powered attorney for the company that manufactures "C'est Moi" -- the revolutionary fragrance that makes women irresistible to men -- finds his boss, Carson Brooks, shot and nearly dead, he sets out to fulfill what may be the billionaire CEO's last wish: to find out whether a business deal he made twenty-eight years ago to start his company also resulted in his fathering a child.

Dylan's search leads him to Sabrina Radcliffe, a brilliant management consultant who is shocked to learn her father's identity. Yet when she meets Carson face-to-face, there's an instant connection. His appointing her interim CEO is the opportunity of a lifetime, until she becomes the target of his enemies. As suspects -- and victims -- begin to pile up, Sabrina turns to Dylan and finds that their own perfect chemistry is kindling into soul-deep desire. But first they must confront an elusive adversary intent on destroying everything -- and everyone -- they cherish.

Hey guys! Back with another suspense review! This one was an awesome read and I'm definitely going to excerpt it so keep on the look out! 

I've read a couple of her suspense novels in the past, but I think this was definitely the best. I absolutely loved the characters, so in honor of that, I'll review the book through the characters. I think I've done that before so it's nothing new.

Carson Brooks: This guy is the bomb. Even though he's just been shot and is close to death, he still manages to drive the nurses nuts and give you a good dose of his sarcasm for lack of a better word. He's super annoying but in a good way and it's super entertaining seeing him go on long rants. The image makes me laugh. But he's super optimistic and a great guy. He pulled Dylan from the gutters and made him who he is today. He built a successful company that doesn't have just people working in it, but a close knit and loyal family.

Sabrina Radcliffe: Daughter to Carson Brooks. She matches in him temper and wit. Literally, the female version of him. Perfect match. (Gonna apply some English HW to this) I'm portraying her as a pretty flat character (See teacher! I paid attention!) and in some sense she is, but there's something about her that makes her very round and 3-dimensional as well...I guess that makes her an oval? Anyway, she's this conception between 2 geniuses with pretty darn good looks, so what's the result, pretty much the perfect human being...smart, looks, everything. I mean, she even gets the guy! 

Dylan Newport: Street thug given a second chance. He owes everything he has today to Carson. Their relationship? Unbiological father and son. He's super loyal and dedicated. Also has this very keen judgement of character which ultimately helps them find their killer. Too be blunt, he's the whole package if you girls know what I'm talking about. ;) Haha, that's awkward...

Gloria Radcliffe: Sabrina's mom. Not a MAJOR person but I still think she gets points for doing research on every sperm donor to make sure her child is beautiful and successful. That takes real skill.

Stan Hager: There's more to him than you think. Killer? Was suspected, but then so was Dylan.

Susan: Carson's current girlfriend. Loves him to pieces and very "sweet."

Okay, now onto the plot. ARGH, it's so complicated and confusing! But in a good way of course. The cops, Stick and Stone, not kidding those are their last names, are like the perfect duo. They are aware of every detail and factor. Even if they aren't huge characters in the story, what they think is very crucial to the whole plot. They basically put everyone under suspicion and that makes you wary and on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. I literally had 2 people condemned in my mind and was SHOCKED when I found out who the real killer is. And let me tell you, it's a shocker.

The romance. Love it. Dylan and Sabrina are the perfect match, both blunt and very open about their feelings. They can be harshly critical at one moment and then tender/loving the next. They're just perfect. *sighs* 

Yup, so that's my review. I'm going to spoil it right now by saying yes Dylan and Sabrina end up marrying. The only reason I'm doing that is because my excerpt spoils it. But it's kind of expected that the main girl and guy end up together. The excerpt I have in mind will give you a tiny insight on just how much entertainment the Brooks/Radcliffe family is. So that'll be up...either tomorrow or Thursday!

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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