Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tall Dark and Deadly

She was a high-powered attorney with beauty, brains, and a brand-new dream house. Men found her irresistible. Women called her out-of-control. And when Marnie Newcastle disappeared one fateful night, everyone assumed she'd run off for a wild weekend of self-indulgent pleasure.
But Samantha Miller suspected the worst. A close friend and neighbor, Samantha knew that Marnie's life wasn't as perfect as it seemed. Her past was haunted by abuse; her nights, fired by passion. So many men. So many suspects. And Samantha was determined to meet them face-to-face: The lawyer. The homicide cop. The contractor. And the gorgeous rock star who aroused more desire than suspicion....
With a lineup like this, Samantha would either fall in love -- or get herself killed.
The suspense in this story is really tense. You don't know who to trust and everyone around you is freaking out because somehow has disappeared. It was a bit hilarious when Sam and Rowan first met each other. The picture was like crystal clear: disbelief on both of their faces. [O.O]  Some parts of the story were like REALLY scary and makes you want to check that every door is locked and every window is sealed tight. That was the tense level of the book. The actual culprit was really astounding! Joe Taylor, the tall, dark, and handsome gym friend of Sam. Tall, dark, and deadly to be precise. So...should we not fall for every tall, dark, and handsome guy?  (The font's small...)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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