Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding Ivy and Hunting Diana

Finding Ivy: Ivy doesn’t remember anything about her life before she woke up in the hospital at the age of six. She is sixteen now and one memory keeps reoccurring in her dreams. She chooses to ignore it until things start to happen that makes her question her true identity and who or what she really is.
Hunting Diana: (Sequel to Finding Ivy) After finally getting all four of the elementals together, the war seems to be tilting in their favor. Ivy only has one thing she feels she needs to do in order to end it all. Hunt down her mother and destroy her, but Ivy knows from experience that it's never as easy as it seems. Lies, secrets, and people from the past cause everything to be complicated.
Finding Ivy and Hunting Diana
This is seriously one amazing story. Ivy, Aaron, Clay, and Blayze are simply just awesome. Ivy is amazing, Aaron is protective which makes him so cute, Clay is the goofy, annoying, and hilarious one, and Blayze is the one who stares at Clay and gives him the evil eye even though she loves everything about him. It's really shocking when you read the first few parts of Finding Ivy, the betrayals of friends and the discovery of enemies that are acutally protectors. It's really amazing, (repettion again).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Note: This is not a published book, it's an online book written by an amazing person: shelbylw03

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