Monday, April 2, 2012

The Last Noel

      With a storm paralying New England, the O'Boyle household becomes prey to a pair of brutal escaped killers desperate to find refuge.
           Skyler O'Boyle is conviend the only way they can live through the night is by palying a daring phychological game to throw the convicts off their guard. Threatened by a pair of Smith & Weesons, she has to pray that the rest of her family will play along, buying them time. Her one hope for rescue is that the men are unaware that her daughter, Kat, has escaped into the blizzard. But as the wind and snow continue to rage with all the vehemence of a maddened banshee, her prayers that Kat can somehow find help seem fragile indeed.
                    When Kat stumbles on a third felon, half-frozen and delirious, her shock deepends, because she recognizes Craig Devon immeadiately. What is the onetime love of her life doing back in town - and in such company? With the threat of death haning over the O'Boyles, Craig is desperate to unload a vital secret that could change their destiny. But can he trust Kat with the truth? Because one false move and everything he's sacrificed will shatter- and it could be everyone's final Christmas alive.
'Tis the season to be terrified.

The overall tension that was described in the story was really intense. Every move that Quintin makes causes your heart to at least miss a beat. Every second that the silence stretches out makes your insides scream with fear. When the sound of the gun clicks as a warning, you literally stop breathing. A really suspenseful story that is good for anyone seriously bored and surrounded by their younger sister.
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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