Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 Days of Christmas (Day 1): 10 Days of Christmas

Hello everyone! Christmas is ALMOST here and to keep up with the traditions of last year, I'm going to be doing my 12 Days of Christmas chain where I post every single day until Christmas. Now I'm a bit late, so technically it's 10 Days of Christmas this year. I haven't actually come up with a list of what I wanted to do since I last year I did a bunch of tags so we'll have to see what pops into mind. I might be doing a giveaway like last year, but I haven't decided which books yet, but it'll probably be in ebook format just because my parents aren't likely to let me send something.

So this post is kind of a sad beginning to the chain, but I'm typing this in class right now and the period is almost over. On a brighter note, today is my last winter concert in the high school which is exciting but bittersweet. As a senior, it's almost hard to believe that next year I won't be on the risers singing with everyone, but hopefully I'll be on winter break so I can sing Peace of Earth which is open to all alumni. 

Okay, I have seven minutes left in the period so I'm going to wrap things up and try to make a list for the upcoming posts so they'll be more interesting than this one! Happy Day 1!!

Foreverly Obsessed,

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