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Review: Last of the Wilds

ISBN: 0060815914 
Pages: 576
Source: Own
Publication Date: April 25, 2006

After pitched battle, The White—the avatars of the Five Gods—have briefly turned back the vicious invaders. And now, the priestess Auraya is sent on an urgent mission to reconcile with the powerful, outcast Dreamweavers, for their magical healing abilities may be the key to saving the land. But as a deadly plague devastates their allies and old adversaries resurface, a dreadful surprise may ruin the chance for peace. For Auraya's terrible discovery will force her into a desperate choice—one whose consequences will change the world forever.
Hello everyone! Welcome to my review for Last of the Wilds! This is the second book in the Age of Five trilogy and if you haven't checked out my review for the first book, Priestess of the White, then you can click HERE! Also, if you haven't read the first book I would advise you not to read this review because it may contain spoilers for book one, but it will not contain any for book two. Alright, with that out of the way, let's get into the review~

Last of the Wilds starts with the defeated Pentadrian army escape the battle field and making their way home. They've been temporarily pushed back and need to find a elect a new leader. Meanwhile the Whites are celebrating their victory and Auraya is so relieved that everyone is safe. Then a devastating plague sweeps through the Siyee and Auraya rushes off to help them. As the Pentadrians slowly regain their strength, Auraya realizes how hard decisions can be and how much they can change your life.

So if you read my review for the first book you will know that I had a hard time getting through the first book. I just kept loosing interest and it took me almost 3 months to finish the book. Thank the heavens because this book was considerably easier to read than the first one. The plot is more focused on the Pentadrians who are recovering from their defeat. I forgot if I stated this in book one but if I had to compare the two religions (Circlian and Pentadrian), the Pentadrians win hands down. With that being said, I really enjoyed getting to know more about their religion and society. Compared to the Circlians, they aren't all that different, but they just seem more alive. 

The prologue introduced us to a new narrator, Reivan, who is a Pentadrian Thinker. Through her perspective, you get to see the world of the Pentadrians and their culture. I really enjoyed the development from their side of the story and Reivan's POV  is so much more interesting than Auraya's (in my opinion at least). We also get introduced better to the Elai whom I found so fascinating. I wished they could have played as big of a role in this book as the Siyee did but they relatively stayed neutral. Regardless, Trudi Canavan is amazing at crafting societies and the culture and world was fascinating.

Onto the topic of Auraya. I didn't like her much in the first book, but she began some parts of her character development so that was relieving. She finally grew a backbone and I was so proud of her even if her actions shocked me quite a bit. It just shows this new path that she's going to take to hopefully become a stronger character. Leiad/Mirar...I don't want to spoil anything but he played such a big part of unfolding the story and starting the buildup for the ultimate climax that will be the final book. 

Overall, this was considerably more interesting and easier to read than the first book and builds up the anticipation for the "final battle" between the two religions. 

3.5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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