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Don't Let Go

Pages: 301
Source: NetGalley

Noah Ryan and Jules Doucette spent every moment together, first as best friends and later as young lovers. The two had planned a life together—until one unspeakable decision tore them apart for good.
Twenty-six years later, Jules is still carefully living the life her mother planned out for her. She’s running her mother’s store, living in her mother’s house, following her mother’s rules, and keeping the secrets her mother made her bury.
Then Noah comes home and any sense of an ordered life flies out the window. Noah’s return does more than just stir up old memories—it forces Jules to see her life in a whole new way and uncovers secrets even she didn’t know were buried. Secrets that could easily destroy her world once more.

Hello everybody! Welcome to my long awaited review of Don't Let Go. I read this in MAY but I just never had the time and right thoughts to sit down to write a review. Hopefully everything will make sense, let's go :)

Don't Let Go is a story about a high school couple with a lot of secrets and broken promises. A LOT of secrets. Noah and Jules were everything to each other, they loved each other to the moon and back, and nothing would tear the apart. But something did and Noah left, breaking his promise to never let go. Now, years down the road, Noah is back with his new fiancee (did I spell that right?) and it's tearing Jules apart. She believes that he left her, he betrayed her, and she's not going to let him get under her skin again. To Noah, Jules lied to him and gave away their most precious gift. But some people are just meant to be together and nothing can keep them apart.

This book was absolutely stunning in taking my heart and throwing it into a washing machine of feels. Does that even make sense? Let me clarify, I read this on my Kindle and before I reached 50% of the book, I was omgawd-ing and acting pretty hysterical. You can ask Claudz or Jenn, I was telling people to shut up and leave me along because I was in a hurricane of feels that I couldn't escape. 

What I loved about the book was the two parts of the story. Part One (before 50%) was pretty much when a whole bunch of crap happened and things went crazy. That includes Noah walking back into Jules life, them discovering that things aren't what they seemed, and them unearthing some pretty earth shattering secrets. I usually avoid saying bad words, but in short, Sugar Honey Ice Tea happened. :) Part Two (after 50%) was Noah and Jules working together to put aside their differences and discovering that they were just meant to be together. The past 10ish years and the little  interference from a parent were just a blip in the road. They were meant to be together from the very start and despite the detours in life, they would end up together.

Jules was probably the character that grew the most in the story. After Noah left, she allowed her mother to dictate her life and lived life to please her mom. When Noah returns and secrets become revealed, Jules is left with her a crumbling mess around her. She's faced with the decision to allow her mom (now dead) to continue ruling her life or to finally take control of her life and make the decisions that she has always wanted to make. It became crucial for me to see that she got her happiness because she definitely deserved it. Even if her mother made all the decisions she did for Jules's "benefit" she really didn't know where her daughter's happiness laid and seeing Jules take control of life and pursue was happiness made me glow from the inside out.

This book was chock full of feels and every secret revealed feels like a major bomb has just been dropped on your head. Definitely recommend, but be warned, it's a very emotional ride! :)

4 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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