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Sneak Peak: Christmas Story 2013

Hey guys! This is a new type of post and probably not going to appear quite that often since we don't usually advertise on here. BUT it is Christmas and we thought, why don't we write Christmas stories on Wattpad? 

In case you guys didn't know, Wattpad is an online writing community for authors all around the world. If you're interested, just click here. It's a pretty amazing site with really cool people. Anyway, Claudz and I have been writing on Wattpad for, I would say a year and a half now and it's been pretty awesome.

So about the advertising, we don't usually advertise our stories on here, but we thought we'd give you guys a little sneaky peak view on what we're planning since it's hard to do that on Wattpad. (You can't publish like the Summary and Cover without an actual published post which we don't want to do till Christmas. With that said, here's my sneaky peak on my Christmas Story of 2013: Only You.

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Sabelle is an angel who has been guiding travelers from her post as the North Star for over a millenium. For decades she has waited for the call of a new mission, to go out and see the world again. She never expected her call to come from a mortal man living in the bustling city of New York.

Ryker spends his life making sure everything’s in order. One night at a holiday party, he finds himself out on the balcony staring into the sky. It might have been his luck when he saw a star shoot across the sky, but he never expected his wish to come true. In the form of an angel no less.

After a couple of unwanted and thank god, unnoticed collisions with towering tour buses, she made her way to the restaurant. There was a man dressed simply in a light blue button down and jeans staring at the sky. Quietly, she landed behind him and lifted her glamour. “Excuse me?”

The man jumped, when he saw her his eyes widened. “You….what are you?”

Sabelle stared at him in confusion, pretty sure that she had shrunk her wings before revealing herself. “Um, a person?”

He shook his head, “You have wings!”

Shoooooooot. “Shhhh, don’t say it out loud! Why did you call me?”

The man frowned in confusion, “Call you?”

Sabelle groaned, “Yes, you called me. Probably wished upon the comet or something. So, what do you want?”

“The comet brought you here?”

I’m going to bash his head into the wall! Humans are so frustrating. “Did you see a comet?”


“Did you say anything while watching the comet?”


“So what did you wish for?”

“Um...not so sure?”

Okay, it’s certain, I’m bashing his head. “What did you say?”

“….asked for a second chance? For revenge.” He saw her shocked expression, “Revenge for love.”

“Right.” And how in the Heavens did Eros think she could help him?


And now onto Claudz's sneaky peak of ONE of her many stories since she's writing a collection of stories instead of one:

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It's Christmas. Eight different people, four different stories:
Diara and Caiden, high school sweethearts who are miles apart, meet again in the crowded terminals of Heathrow Airport.
Sammi and Ethan, two complete strangers who fall in love over spilled coffee and mistletoe
Kenzie and Harry, old friends who finally admit their love for each other in Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland
Kaylie and Luke, a fangirl and a rock star trying to find love 

“Sh*t,” Sammi cussed as she knocked into someone, causing her to spill coffee all of him. She looked up and stared into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. “I—I,” she stuttered, “I’m so sorry,” she finally got out. She looked down and saw his white sweater was splattered with coffee. It stuck to his body and Sammi could make out well defined abs.  God this man is gorgeous, like Apollo himself, she thought.

                “It’s fine, really,” the man said, dabbing at his sweater with some napkins, “I was planning on throwing this sweater out anyway.” He smiled at her and stuck his hand out, “I’m Ethan.”

                “Sammi,” she shook his hand. “And you were not planning on throwing that sweater out,” she informed him.

                “Why not?”

                “Because,” she reached behind him and pulled off the tag, “it’s new.” She stared at the price tag and then looked up in horror. Ethan snatched the tag out of her hand and threw it away. “Holy shit,” she whispered, “Eight hundred pounds? Who the hell do you think you are?”

                “I think my name is Ethan,” he remarked.

                “You have to let me make it up to you somehow,” Sammi said, “I can’t pay back eight hundred pounds, but…” she trailed off.

                “How about lunch?” he offered.

                “I can do lunch.” She nodded in agreement.

                “I’ll pay,” he said.

                “What?” Sammie cried, “Hell no. After I ruined your million dollar sweater, there’s no way I’m letting you pay for lunch.”

                “It was only eight hundred,” he retorted.

                Sammi scoffed, “Only eight hundred,” she muttered.

                “And I always pay for the first date,” he continued.

                “Oh, so now it’s a date?’

                “Of course it is. I can’t take a pretty lady, like you, out for lunch and not have it be a date.” He offered her his arm. “Shall we?”

                She took his arm and grunted, “Fine.”


So that's the little Sneak Peak! If you're interested, check out our profiles: PricelessInsanity98 on Christmas Day and everyday after for a week of uploads and thesamelovestory starting the 20th (THIS FRIDAY) for uploads till Christmas! So definitely save the date and check them out!

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