Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday Haul

Black Friday is one of my favorite holidays of the year (right after Christmas and Chinese New Year). This year I went with my sister and Riv to the Garden State Plaza to shop :D. The lines were insanely long and the mall is pretty big (we got lost a few times) Here's what I got: (sorry for the bad quality pictures)

1. Victoria's Secret
So there was a sale where if you bought over $70 you got a free tote (with 4 tiny bottles of perfume, worth $99). I got a sweatshirt and yoga pants ($25 each) and panties (not shown in picture) (5/$26 aka $5.20 each) which totaled to $76.

2. Forever 21
I got 4 sweaters and a t-shirt ($13.80) (which says "Love all trust few do wrong to none -William Shakespeare")
Sweaters: the top left is navy ($19.80) and the top right is black ($12) (sorry, it's hard to see) They're really big and comfy! the grey one (on the left) is a crop top ($17.80) which I can't wait to pair with a dress or high waist skirt! The bottom white one  has stripes on the bottom ($14.80), which is awesome because now I can wear a nice statement necklace and not have the stripes interfere with it.
I spent a total of $78.20 here.

3. H&M
I got 2 sweaters here and 2 blazers. The top left burgundy sweater ($12.95) is really long, sort of like a dress and it's really thick. The top right white sweater ($12.95) is really thin compared to the one before.
The bottom left black blazer ($7.95) is a short blazer (it stops around your waist). I love the bottom right navy blazer ($14.95). It's longer than the black one but the material is so soft and silky! I can't wait to wear it!!
I spent a total of $48.80 here (did pretty good at this store didn't I? lol )

4. Urban Outfiters
This store was crazy! There was a long line outside this store, but surprisingly we got in pretty fast. Don't get me started about the check out line... it wrapped around half the store! But I got this really pretty lace dress ($10). I reallllllllllyyyyy love this dress, it fits perfectly! I didn't get to try it on at the store (it was a mess there), I'm so glad it fits! I can't wait to wear this one with the crop sweater from Forever 21. I also got a sweater ($19.99) and it's really pretty. This top has a really nice design but the sleeves are a bit weird, but tolerable.
I spent a total of $29.99 here.
   My sister got pants here for $10 and $$9.99 so we spent a total of $49.98 here.

5. Free People
I don't normally go to Free People, considering how expensive it is and the store isn't really my style. But my sister want to go and I only agreed because they gave out pretty bags (as they should!) I got this really pretty set of bangles ($18) and my sister got this really soft sweater ($52.46). Do you see that??? $52.46 for a sweater??? Call me cheap if you will, but that's crazy!!
We spent a total of $72.42.

6. Vans
I've been dying to get a pair of Vans for a while now but my mom wouldn't let me since I just got a new pair of converse two months ago. So I got a black pair ($45) on Friday and I'm in love with them! I wore them to the movies and they're so cute! I have to get socks for them though....
I spent a total of $45 here.

7. Crumbs
 I also went to Crumbs to try their cupcakes and they're delicious!! The top on is Devil Food and the bottom is Red Velvet ($2.95 each). They were so good, oh my god, I want one now!!
I spent a total of $6.31 here.

8. Johnny Rockets and Chipotle
Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the food here. But basically, I got fries at Johnny Rockets, which costed $3.01, a total rip off. There weren't even that many fries on the plate, my sister and I were done in less than 5 minutes. I have to admit, they were good, but definitely not worth $3.01! Plus I had to leave a tip? For what? Not much service...
Chipotle: I LOVE Chipotle! It's my favorite place to eat. We got the burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, lettuce, and tomato and cheese on the side. It was a fabulous meal that costed $6.25 (I think?) and definitely worth it.

So this whole shopping trip we spent around $385 (including food) give or take a few cents/dollars. Yikes, it's a bit much, but if you think about it, not that much for each store (well, maybe except for Free People).

I'm satisfied with my haul (but I wish I could've bought more skirts and dresses) and can't wait for next year!

(In case any of you were wondering what happened to Riv, she went shopping with her parents and I went shopping with my sister, we just came on the same car. Thanks for the ride, Riv!)

Well there you have it, my Black Friday Haul, I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below any thoughts or what deals you scored on your Black Friday shopping trip this year.



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