Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Monday: Letting Go

Hey guys! Lately, I've been on an Alyssa Reid music craze. I absolutely love her voice and her songs are so catchy! This is one of my definite favorites out of all that I've heard. It's super duper short, only a little more than a minute, but it's just so pretty! So, on top of my Sam Tsui music reviews, expect a lot from her too! Last thing, since it's so short, I'm gonna spoil it a bit and write a bit after each verse, sorry. 

I can tell that he wants you
I can see in his eyesBut he's trying play his games on youAnd you don't see through his lies
Okay, so first off, how many of y'all have ever lied to get something you want. Come on, put those hands up. We've all done that. Now lying to get someone's attention is a big no no. It happens all the time, but it's really bad. So if this dude's playing his games and making up stuff, girl you better end it quick. 

But I know he really needs youAnd I know you can tellCause he's with his boys right nowActing all bigSo you know he's putting you through hell

Another big thing when trying to get the attention of someone, you act like you're all up there. This especially hurts the other person if you guys are going through an argument and you're trying to show them that you're fine, even when you're not.  

So tell him to goIf he's too good for youLet him knowIf he thinks he's too coolMove onCause it won't be longTil his game is doneThe crowd is gone

So if this guy or girl thinks he's all up there and some big-shot  leave him. He obviously thinks he's better (when we all know you're just as up there as he is) so leave. It's that simple. If everyone sees that you're gone, if he or she sees that you're gone, there are no more players in the game. Simple and game over.

I know you're thinking it's a quarter to tenAnd you wonder why you did it againRemember what you're fighting forAs you're walking out that door

To be honest, this verse gets me a bit confused. But I think she's saying be sure of what you want before you walk out that door. Not too sure, any ideas?

It took a minute but I'm starting to tellThat you're ever gonna figure it outI won't be the last to know
You took a chanceNow I'm letting go

This is where I'm really confused. Is she talking about letting go of the guy or letting go of the situation? Because the first couple of verses talk about letting go of a person you used to care about, but this section talks about letting go as if she was a bystander trying to influence the person. But now that I think of it, the song can go both ways. You took a chance could be talking to the guy or it could be someone else talking to the girl. Either way, the person's letting go~

So those are my thoughts on the song. What are yours? Also, the next few weeks will be a bit hectic so I'm sorry if I don't upload as much. I'll try, but they might be short posts. I'll make it up to you when everything settles down. Speaking of that time, a couple friends and I are thinking of writing like a second verse and bridge to the song. Ideas?

5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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