Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday: Story by Sam Tsui

Hey guys! Have you heard Sam Tsui's new album!! Well, it's not that new anymore but still. OMG! I love this song! I love all of the songs, but I'm limiting myself to just one song per week to rant and rave about.

Okay, so this week I chose Story which is currently rocking my Gmail and Facebook Statuses.  

So, some lines from the song that stood out to me:  

You're living your life like something you've read
Always just a couple lines ahead
Just dying to know how it all works out

Hehe, erm...guilty of that for sure. Well at least I try. I mean, how many of us haven't read a book and wished that our lives were like that? And if there was a girl or guy character that really stood out, wouldn't you try to be him/her? If not, I guess that only happens with me? 

Oh, what's the point
Of reading the last page before you can even start?
Just have faith that getting there can be the best part

AHHH, cute verse numero one!! Well, not exactly cute, but it's really...inspirational? Yeah...dunno how to describe my fangirling over this verse...any ideas? Comment them below!!

Go on, predict the plot
While I sit right here wondering where you are
What good's a perfect ending
If you just pretend to see that far
I'm on your side, don't get me wrong
I wanna write this story too
Not one you've already written, no
I'd rather make it up with you

Alright, skipped that chorus and second verse to get to my baby: *drumroll* THE BRIDGE!! OMGAWD this is perfection. Seriously, if a guy says that to me, I'm gonna be like, dude marry me already! Sorry, huge sucker for cute things, but come on! "I'd rather make it up with you~~" It can't get any more beautiful than that. 

So that's my rant and rave over the ridiculously beautifully written verses.  What are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment below~~

5 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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