Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moving On


Hello everyone! This post is a bit difficult to write as I don't know how I want to formulate my words. For those who have been reading this blog frequently, you have no idea how much your support means to me. Forever Obsession started as a diary in 2012 with posts that documented my trip in Taiwan and took flight from there.

In 2013, I made the decision to begin actively blogging and as a result, chose to focus on book reviews and join the book community. I have had the privilege of watching Forever Obsession grow and while the reader count is small, it's become my outlet throughout my years in high school and will remain one of the most treasured memories in my heart.

If you guys have noticed recently, the amount of posts have been seriously lacking as I've struggled to come up with any source of inspiration and motivation to blog. There were moments when I wanted to write a huge rant about college or just a ramble post, but felt that it was out of place among the long history of book posts and for some strange reason, that became the reason I held back from posting.

With the new year, I'm determined more than ever to reconnect but while planning out new posts, I just had the desire to start a new chapter of my blogging life. Forever Obsession went through so many changes as I discovered what worked for me and how I wanted to grow as a blogger. 

I think I made my decision to officially switch when I went back to Tumblr and made a new account under the name: Le Petit Photograph. After reconnecting on Tumblr, I found several really amazing lifestyle blogs and I guess that solidified the decision. That and a debate session with Claudia. 

So today I sat down and did it - I made a new blog that shares the same name as my Tumblr and switched all of my social media links to fit that new blog. Forever Obsession will still be around, I debated whether I wanted to just change the name or private this one, but I decided to keep it up. I might post from time to time, but I plan on officially moving over to Le Petit Photograph with this being my last post.

This is both bittersweet and exciting as I'm pumped to explore the different paths I can take with the new blog, but I'm going to miss saying "Forever Obsession." Le Petit Photograph will still have book reviews, but I want to incorporate my life and thoughts as well. I hope that you guys are excited as well and please check out Le Petit Photograph by clicking the banner and following the next chapter of my adventure there! 

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