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TOUR STOP: The Memory Healer

ISBN: 9781612132405
Pages: 226
Source: The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House
On a wet summer morning in the historical township of Port Brandon, South Eastern Australia, talented artist and psychic Beth Montgomery reluctantly agrees to carry out a psychic assessment of Carrington House. She soon becomes frightened by a string of nightmares that could be warning her not to tamper with the metaphysical. Despite her fears, she braces herself for what is to come and continues to unearth the secrets of the past.

As soon as she enters the historical home, the image of a distraught Victorian maid appears, and then a young woman manifests on the staircase. Beth is transported to another era, where a magnificent four-poster bed, an engraved watch, and an exquisite ring evoke fleeting memories. When Beth spies a calendar, the date fills her with dread, but she cannot remember why.

Returning to the present time, Beth agrees to work for the irresistible Dr Matthew Jamieson, the new vet in the district. Each time they meet, memories of another lifetime flood her heart. She senses an eternal bond between them, but with two unfaithful partners in her past, she is reluctant to become romantically involved with him.

As her passion for Matthew intensifies, she regresses to 1895. In her past life as Mary Clark, she meets the darkly handsome Samuel Methven and falls in love with him on sight. But is he as honourable as he seems? Faced with Samuels apparent betrayal, Beth is plagued by fears that Matthew will also be unfaithful to her. She knows that to learn the truth, she must return to her past life, but that means facing an unbearable tragedy. Does Beth have the courage to move between lifetimes and relive that dreadful event? Will she be able to discover whether her soulmate was faithful to his twin soul?

The Memory Healer Excerpt  
She recognized Matthew Jamieson the moment he entered the room. He was the man she had seen in the vision at Carrington House. He must have said hello, for she heard the sound of his voice, but her body would not respond to her brain. Chair legs grated against the wooden floor, and she quivered when he sat beside her.
Beth lifted her chin, and their eyes met. The sound of blood was loud in her ears. From somewhere in the room, there came the sound of raucous laughter, and she dragged her eyes from his. She had no memory of picking up her drink, but as she stared at the yellow liquid, memories began to flood her heart. You may have touched me with other flesh, but the feeling of your embrace is with me forever. You may have looked at me through other eyes, but the soul to which they stood guardian is infinite and eternal. You may have spoken with another voice, but my heart knows to whom it listens.
She turned. His eyes were riveted on her face. “Are you all right?”
Beth nodded, unable to speak.
Matthew frowned. “I had this feeling when I saw you sitting here. I thought that you and I were . . .” He rubbed the back of his head and frowned again.
“What?” Beth wet her lips and stared at him. “What did you feel?”
He shrugged. “I’m not sure.”
Beth took a deep breath. What was happening? He started to speak, but once again, her brain refused to listen. She had the terrible feeling she would regress to another era against her will. Why was she having trouble controlling her regressions? This had never happened to her before. She heard Matthew continue to speak, but her head reeled too much to make sense of the words.

Guest Post Julie Filarski The Memory Healer
I have always been attracted to the supernatural. When I was a young girl my mother told me she was grief stricken when her father died. She was twenty-seven years old at the time. That night he came to her to reassure her that all was well. She saw him standing at the end of her bed and heard the words he spoke. I had the same experience when my twin brother died almost three years ago. I knew I would see him again and I did. That night, he came to confirm what we had always known. We do not die. We leave our bodies when it is time to go and continue on our journey. Death does not part us from our loved ones. 
My youngest sister has always been psychic. Once, when she was small, we had a puppy that was killed on the road. We buried the little dog at the bottom of the garden. As we were standing over the grave my sister saw the puppys ethereal body rise up and go towards heaven. Ever since then she has known beforehand when it was time for family members or friends to leave their bodies.
My daughter has got psychic tendencies, too, and she gets feelingsabout things before they happen. Things like this have occurred to me over the years, as well. My daughter and I often find ourselves thinking about the same thing at the same time. It makes us laugh when we both suddenly blurt out the same words.
My knowledge of the supernatural and the guidance we get from the spiritual realms - and we all get continual guidance - has been strongly reinforced during my life. Anyone aware of the spiritual path they are on will know the truth in the great spiritual saying When the student is ready the teacher will appear. As I journey along my path in life, inspiration and information comes to me exactly when I need it a family member or friend might say precisely what I need to hear, or my hand will be drawn to the very book I need to read, or something else will happen that will bring me the knowledge that I require at the time. 
I was inspired to write my book and received a great deal of metaphysical help during the process. I feel privileged to know that the readers who need the reassurance of the message in The Memory Healer will be drawn to the book.
About the Author:
Julie Filarskis love of reading quickly progressed to a love of writing. While writing The Memory Healer, she studied Professional Writing and Editing at Chisholm Institute in Berwick, Australia. Much of the novel was written on the train while she travelled to and from work at the University of Melbourne.

Julie first began studying the metaphysical realm in the early 1980s. After a few sessions of Hatha yoga, she quickly became drawn to yoga philosophy and the belief in reincarnation. Since that time, Julie studied the topic in depth, as well as researching a wide range of other spiritual topics. Her studies have led her to understand that mankind has an inherent belief in immortality and that there is a deep and underlying spiritual purpose to all life.

Julie lives with her husband, Murray, near Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia. They have two children and five lovely grandchildren.
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