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The Big Cat Trilogy

The Golden Leopard by Lynn Kerstan
ISBN: 0-431-41057-2
Pages: 370

Lady Jessica Carville wants nothing to do with men after having her heart betrayed. Despite society's disapproval, she has found fulfillment and success as a dealer of rare antiquities for Christie's auction house in London. The last thing she needs is for the scoundrel who once cast her aside to rear his handsome head.
Despite her best efforts, Lord Hugo Duran's sudden return from India piques Jessica's curiosity--as does his tempting offer. He needs her expertise on a quest to locate a priceless artifact that is rumored to have been smuggled into England--a quest full of daring adventure, dangerous intrigue, and unbridled passion.

"I have never trusted you, Duran. But somehow, I cannot say why, I have always believed in you."

"I'm sorry, princess. But think of it this way. I will never again lie to you. And this is the last time, my word on it, that I will ever you."

"That's not it. Dogs are fine. Rabbits and ducks and hedgehogs acceptable. Parrots will do and even, if you must, a monkey. But as soon as I've melted down the one in that box Jessie, I don't care to be in company, not ever again, with a cat."

"I have many regrets. But falling in love with you has never been, will never be, among them."

The Heart of the Tiger by Lynn Kerstan
ISBN: 0-451-41085-8
Pages: 365
One of the most beautiful women in all of England, Mira Holcombe has received countless marriage proposals and turned them all down. She trusts no man ever since the Duke of Tallant laid claim to her family's land and then viciously brutalized her. Her only desire is to destroy him...until his younger brother stirs an unexpected passion in her heart.
Newly returned from India, Michael Keynes also has reasons for bringing the duke to ruin. But he is unprepared for the powerful distraction that Mira presents. Though he longs to succumb to the heat that burns between them, he will need more than whispered promises to win Mira's confidence and free her from the dark secrets that torment her wounded soul.

"Just look at that. we might be two entierly different species. Mine is a...a noddle, and yours is a mahogany log."
~Mira talking about skin color
The Silver Lion by Lynn Kerstan
ISBN: 0-451-41116-1
Pages: 373
The daughter of scandal, Helena Pryce lives life on the fringes of Society, where she tirelessly fights for social reforms. Derek Leighton, Earl of Varden, is thoroughly ensconced in the world of privilege-until his quest for adventure nearly destroys him. Tormented by his failures and thwarted in love, he take refuge in a run-down castle to lick his wounds-and plot his revenge...
But when a corrupt politician threatens England's security, Helena storms Varden's castle to convince him to use his experience and connections to stop the man. Her passion unleashes both of their wildest desires, drawing them together in unbridled pleasure-just as danger threatens to tear them apart.

So this is my combined review of the Big Cat Trilogy. So let's get started. 

The Golden Leopard: I think this is my favorite couple of the series. Jessica and Duran seem to go so well together and the sparks that fly between them make it an interesting story. Duran also has this death sentence that is hanging over his head, and he doesn't know if he can actually live to spend the rest of this life with Jessica. Also, because of their past, Jessica has been hurt and doesn't want to risk herself again, but she can't help but fall for him all over again. I don't know about you, but that just strikes me as cute.

Heart Of the Tiger: Okay, the second book wasn't as interesting in my point of view as the first one. BUT, I still liked the story line and the characters. Mira is really headstrong which makes sense because of her past. Either way, she is an amazing character and I love her. Michael's pretty cool too. I guess the reason I didn't like this one as much as the first one...I don't really know. But I guess, everything just felt so rushed. It's probably just me...

The Silver Lion: Kinda a middle book for me. TBH, I was a bit...shocked? The first book had slim to no "making love" scenes. The second book, ehh...The third...I think it was the third chapter or something and BAM! She (Helena) even knew how to use contraceptive As far as the story line goes, I didn't really get the "corrupt politician" that was mentioned in the blurb summary on the back of the book, but it was interesting. I guess by the third book, I wasn't really paying much attention to things...heh...

Overall: It was an eh-eh okay trilogy. I can't say it's one of my favorites, but I don't completely hate it either. You really don't need to read the books in order cause the only "linkage" that the books have to one another are the characters that have had their happily ever after are mentioned a couple of times. The second and third book are a bit more connected character-wise while the first is just...there. The stories were interesting, I just didn't really click with the books.

3 out of 5 stars

Foreverly Obsessed,

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