Friday, November 18, 2016

College Ramblings: Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I was asked to write a letter to myself talking about my college experience and my dreams for the future. Knowing me, I was pretty speechless because I have no idea what my future holds. So let's just go over some basics: We're studying music education with a piano concentration and the hopes of achieving an English minor and we go to a pretty small college in Massachusetts which is 5 hours away from home.

One of the things that was suggested for me to write was about choosing the right career for my future. I chose to be a music education because it was something my parents always encouraged in me and I've been playing piano since I was 5 so it made sense. Plus, my parents believe it's a way to support myself post college so that I can have a stable job while pursuing my other interests (English). 

As the end to my first semester draws closer, here are some things that I have learned...

Music is not easy to study. I know a lot of the information right now from previous classes that I've taken but overall it's a very challenging and time consuming major. Next semester I'm taking 10 classes and three of them are 0 credits (yay music) and the typical student here is taking 4-5 classes. 

Time Management is everything! As of right now, you are still really bad at managing time and spend a lot of time scrolling through YouTube when you probably could be doing something productive (like reading and writing reviews for this blog.) 

Scholarships are your best friend. I'm very clueless when it comes to how my education is being paid since I'm blessed enough to have my parents providing for me. However, it never hurts to ask about other scholarships that you can apply for. For people with student loans knowledge is power, so researching and taking the time to understand your terms before graduation will save you a ton of money. For example, a company called Earnest specializes in student loan refinancing and saves individuals an average $20,000 over the term of their loan. Also, this might seem like a no brainer but renew your FAFSA every year (and read their emails.) I know people who are funding almost 100% of their education through scholarships.

On-Campus jobs are a great bonus. I don't have a job this semester but I am applying for one next semester and my friends that do have jobs are helping to fund their education while gaining some extra pocket money which I'm sure everyone wants.

For the future, I don't really know what I want to happen. I hope that I won't die under the pressure of homework and piano practicing. I hope that I can have the motivation to keep practicing even though at times I know I won't want to. I hope that I can making lasting friendships even though I'm kind of anti-social and interacting with people isn't one of my strong suits. I hope that I can keep my friendships from high school and make them even stronger.

I feel like I"m rambling now, so I'll wrap it up here. Future Me, I hope you're enjoying what you are doing and that you are happy. Best of luck!!

This post is in collaboration with Earnest. 

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